Using Royalty Free Images and Placeholders

October 8, 2021
2 min read

If you build websites or are a blogger, you know that finding images and other resources for your site can be expensive if you use one of the stock photography sites such as or (or many others).  If you don't have the budget to use one of those sites, there are options!  There are a bunch of royal-free sites where you can go and search for images for your needs.

We have a tool that searches through many of those site.  Visit it here and try it out.

A few of the sites provide APIs that you can integrate the images into your site.  One of those sites is  If you just need a quick image as a placeholder, you can link to a dynamic image based on a keyword like this:

<img src="" alt="mountains" />


See what it gives you:


Pretty great, right? actually has a lot more functionality as well.  Check out the documentation to see what it's capable of.


If you don't need actual images, but instead just need placeholders while you're demoing a website proof of concept, you could use placeholder images from

<img src="" />


The above code will give you the following response:

These services could save developers a ton of development time.